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Welcome & Poll

Welcome to Sue and Holly's Livejournal. We are the writing team of Sue Holston. Currently we are in the middle of writing of our first homoerotic story entitled, Rock Star. Come back and visit us often as we will making updates to this journal and our BlogSpot on our progress, plus posting excerpts, polls and contests.
First up, we have a poll in our next entry. Thanks for answering! (These polls help us with our writing).

Where you can find us

Sue and I aren't on Livejournal much anymore. We tend to be more available on other social media sites. You can find us here:




Thank you!

Reworking the Classics?


So, I saw this on the Total E Bound's author's loop. At the end of July, authors will be adding some scenes to classic books. Make that sex scenes. *g* Now I know I will be buying the Sherlock Holmes re-write. Why? I love me some John/Sherlock. I am not sure about any of Brontë sister's works, I just love them too much they way they were, so I don't need sex between Rochester and Jane at the moment.

I am interested in seeing how this pans out.

Interview & Review

The lovely folks over at Brief Encounters interviewed Sue and gave us a lovely B+ on our book, In the Name of the Law. Many thanks to Cole and Tam!

Review here.

Interview with Sue.
Sue is being interviewed over on Brief Encounters on July 5th. Stop by and celebrate Canada Day.


Sue and I are taking a two-week break from the Internet. She is going on holidays, I am moving. If you need us, please email us. Thanks.



4 stars for ITNOTL

Sue and I got a lovely review from Literary Nymphs for In the Name of the Law.

I quote: "In the Name of the Law is a well-written friends-to-lovers short story. The characters are creditable, as well as compatible. Mitch and Ivan have a long history of friendship that almost mirrors a marriage. They accept each other’s quirks, along with providing emotional support for each other. Mitch’s sexual orientation has never been an issue for Ivan; in fact Mitch and Ivan sleep together without having sex on many occasions.

Sue Holston’s In the Name of the Law saga illustrates love is not defined by social labels but by the bond two people feel for each other. In the Name of the Law is a heartwarming and enjoyable happy-ever-after romance."

More stuff!

I am hosting Scarlet Blackwell today on my blog on the last stop on the Raise Your Glasses Tour. Stop by, read an excerpt from her new book, and enter a chance to win $20 gift card.


Free stuff!

I am over at AJ Llewellyn's blog today talking about my new book, giving away prizes and teaching you how to make a Flaming Cinco de Mayo Shot!

I hope you will stop by and while you are there enter to win my new book and a $20 gift certificate.


License & Registration, Ma'am

The lovely Anne Tenino and Taylor V. Donovan asked me to write a post about being a former police officer, and I turned that into an article about realism in m/m books that feature a law enforcement theme.

So, come by, read the article, and enter the giveaway to win my newest book.